Criminal Cases

Legal Aid
As a firm we hold a franchise from the Legal Aid Agency and are in a position
to offer legal aid to individuals who meet the relevant criteria. If eligible the cost will be wholly or partly paid for from public funds.

Privately Funded
We offer a number of competitive options in respect of private funding to both private individuals and large organizations facing prosecution. If successful in your case and are not convicted, you will be able to apply for your costs to be reimbursed.

Civil Litigation

Privately Funded
We offer expert, cost-effective, legal advice and assistance. We pride
ourselves on our efficiency and are happy to discuss funding options and costs
protection at the outset of any proposed action.

Conditional Fee Agreement
With a conditional fee agreement, we would agree not to charge you if you
lost your case. If you were to win we would recover our costs from the other

Family- Divorce, Contact and Custody Disputes

We are able to offer competitive fixed fees as an alternative to an hourly rate.
Clients who receive a low income and/or are receiving benefits are able to benefit from specific rates and payment plans which have been designed to help low income clients.
We are happy to discuss your individual needs and how we can best help you within your budget.


Fixed fees are available and in some instances a no-win no fee agreement can be made.

For more information, call our offices on 020 8805 9735.
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